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Our cloud-based publishing platform lets you push your content to mobile app or to web. Import content from your print publication, website or just plain text, photos, and videos. Your app will be fully interactive and sharable, with advanced stats and monetization system

Branded native apps for
Android and iOS

Put your brand under your users’ fingertips. The average mobile user checks their phone 150 times a day, so with your icon clearly visible this will not only warrant regular return to your content, but it will also increase awareness. In addition to that, use native features, such as notifications and sharing, to further increase reach and usage.


HTML5 web-based reader

Our platform pushes your content to native apps in mobile-friendly format, as well as standard HTML5 format, which can be sent to web-based readers (paginated) or to a full website, which includes articles in blog-like format.

PDF or advanced
Reflow solution

Easily upload your PDF publication and in a few minutes - your digital issue is published inside your app. Or, if you want an advanced digital publication, use our Reflow system, which will automatically design and repurpose your content for each and every screen size and platform.


Videos & galleries

Add additional digital content to excite, with just a few clicks. Enrich your publication with videos by simply copy-pasting YouTube links or upload them to our system. Add galleries of images or create a mood by adding music.

Social sharing

People love to share – it would be a huge mistake not to use this app to generate awareness and spread stories and articles through your readers’ network. Just tap on the icon on the iOS or Android device and share through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or any other platform installed on their devices.


Online or offline reading

Your content is read online, but as you are providing digital publications, users can also chose to download them and read while offline. This includes digital magazines and newspapers, but also brochures, catalogues and e-books.

Comments and Rating system

People love interactivity – they want to be heard as well. Your app will have a full commenting system, with pre- or post-moderation options, voting systems and sorting comments on the basis of popularity. Additionally, your readers will be able to rate your content, giving you valuable feedback.


Payment gateway integration

Sell your digital products through the Apple or Google payment systems, or integrate an alternative payment gateway. We have integrated various payment gateways for our partners, like PayPal or 2Checkout, and also payment gateways from local banks or payment processors.

Webshop for your digital
products and subscriptions

Sell your digital products and subscriptions through the app itself, or let us create a full webshop for you, where users can purchase your products and instantly access this content through the mobile app. This webshop can be used to sell physical products as well (i.e. print copies, books, etc).


Stats and analytics

You can’t manage if you can’t measure. We have implemented the power of Google Analytics to let you learn about your readers, their location and devices they use, to analyse what is being read and for how long. Learn how your users move within your content and how much time they spend on each article.

Advanced ’Live Ads’ system

Insert digital ads into your app. This can be done through your ad-serving platform (Double Click for Publishers, for example) or through our own system of ”Live Ads“, through which you can target which ad to show to a reader on the basis of geography, time or even their social media profile..


Sales and subscription

Sell individual issues or subscriptions with ease through your iOS or Android apps. Alternatively, import your users’/subscribers’ database and give them free access to your content within the app. Sell through Apple’s and Google’s systems or through your own payment gateway – it is your choice.

Push notifications

Interact with your users and send them notifications on tablets and smartphones. Messages can be read even when the app is not open – it will pop up on the device screen and if used properly, is not seen as spam by users. Write the message in a web form, select when to send it, and it will be automatically sent to users at the correct time.


Manage users and subscribers

Manage your users from a single interface. Add new subscribers through a web form or simply upload the list in a CSV or Excel format and we will automatically derive the relevant information from it. You can also provide free access to your print or digital subscribers, by giving them access codes to create user account.


Give away your paid-for publications – either to existing print subscribers or as an incentive to subscribe. Provide ”access codes“,hich users enter in your branded app and which gives them access to the content you selected.

RSS feed automation

Mobile users are used to checking their content frequently. Connect your app to your website feed (RSS, Wordpress or XML) and content will be automatically transferred to the app and presented in a mobile-friendly layout.

Teaser issues

If your publications are sold and are are behind a paywall, you can easily offer part of them free to all users. Just select articles or pages and click on “Create a teaser issue“ button, and new „preview“ issue will be created parallel to your paid issue.

Publication security

We take security and privacy seriously. If you wish to put your content behind a paywall, you will be able to choose the number of devices your users can use to access it. Since our system logs device IDs, system is secured and it is not possible to share access to more than the selected number of devices.

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